Teen Volunteers

The Kirkwood Public Library values teen volunteers.  They perform a variety of tasks for the library - from planning and designing programs and events to building book trailers and blog posts to helping with other library services.  If you are a teen interested in volunteering please consider applying for one of these positions:


  • Summer Teen Volunteers: Help build summer programing for the library.  Make flyers, do prep work for activies and help make sure summer reading at KPL runs smoothly
  • Reading Buddies: Every summer KPL pairs young readers with teens to work on literacy skills.  Be a part of this team!
  • Year Round Volunteer: Help plan programming and learn shelving along with smaller projects to keep the library moving.
  • Drop in IT helper: KPL offers help for adults working on computer projects.  If you are computer savy and would like to help adults with whatever PC problems they may be having, apply to be a drop in IT helper.
  • Teen Advisory Board Member: The teen advisory board is a school-year long commitment to plan programs and serve as a voice for teens @ the library.  You can join at Kirkwood High School, Nipher Middle School, and North Middle School

If any of these volunteer positions sound interesting to you, apply to be a KPL teen volunteer.