Mission & Policies

Mission Statement:

The Kirkwood Public Library inspires a lifelong commitment to learning and creativity, for a more prosperous and connected community.

Vision Statement:

We envision a Kirkwood in which our community members have the resources, space, and inspiration to pursue a life of learning and creating. KPL is a hub – a go-to resource for community members and a place where community life happens. We are recognized as a leader among community libraries. 


  • Enjoyment–we want to wow our patrons. Every patron interaction is an opportunity to serve, teach, or contribute to a truly exceptional experience at KPL. We will answer your questions, find answers, or teach you how to find the answer yourself. Each team member is trained and empowered to exceed patron expectations.
  • Ownership –Our library is representative of the community we serve. Patrons of all ages and interests value, utilize, and find ownership in the virtual and physical spaces at KPL. Each patron knows and refers to KPL as “my library.”
  • Innovation –KPL never stops innovating. We give our community access to the leading edge of trends and technology, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our community. We contribute to the library world and are a recognized leader among community libraries.
  • Engagement –We create space for community conversations and actively contribute to civic dialogue. Diverse community voices participate in leadership at KPL, shaping library offerings to reflect community needs.
  • Learning – We value learning, and we inspire our patrons to be lifelong learners. We nurture information literacy and create virtual and physical spaces that both foster and satisfy a hunger for learning.


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