Stop Motion Animation at KPL

Watch the stop motion animation created by the teens of KPL:

The Art of Racing in the Rain

 Watch the book trailer for Racing in the Rain, created by KPL teen volunteer Nate:

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Watch the book trailer for The Invention of Hugo Cabret, created by KPL teen volunteer Nate:

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

 Trevor and Chris give a review of an Indiana Jones-like video game.

Wake by Lisa McMann

 The initial chapters consist of flashbacks into which are woven a series of repetitive scenes wherein Janie Hannagan is unwillingly sucked into others' dreams and nightmares, and suffers debilitating side effects. But as soon as McMann establishes Janie's strange skill, she throws just the right teen-centric ingredients into the story to propel it forward and grab readers. Tough and strong Janie, now 17, seems totally independent, charting a future that will lead away from her welfare mother's alcoholism. Her turbulent relationship with Cabel, the unwashed stoner boy-turned-handsome, pulsates with sexual tension--problematized by Janie's knowledge of his insistent dreams about killing a man. But then Cabel learns to communicate his desires to Janie through lucid dreaming at just about the same time that Janie finds out that she can influence the dreams she enters.

Children's Book Club Kits

Sandy tells us all about book club kits for Children.